City Birds Reviews

“This game is pure casual action fun that's not quite like anything I've played before on my iPad, and given the amount of games I have played, that says quite a bit. There's a real Saturday morning cartoon vibe where the graphics are concerned.”

– Eric Pankoke

“This beautifully designed game is a perfect mix of casual play and addictiveness. It's a great game that you can pick up and play at any time, it is simple enough to just start up anywhere.”

– Krisoy Desouza

“Have also made time for @ChunkyApps City Birds. Near perfect mobile platform title for me to kill time. Light yet challenging.”

– @MGPNightShift

“City Birds present simple challenges that both kids and adults will love.”

– Dinker Charak

“City Birds is absolutely squawksome and I'll definitely be playing it for quite a while.”

– Mark Bangs

★ App of the Week ★

“The rapid and addicting gameplay is paired with incredible graphics.”

– Inna Treyger

★ Quirky App of the Day ★

“This is definitely a fun game to download.”

– Katy Zane

“City Birds is a colorful, fast-moving and graphics-intensive game, that will bring hours of fun for players of all ages.”

– Kate

“City Birds provides riveting action that will have both adults and kids hooked for hours. The app's animation and design deserve special mention.”

– Brian Williams

“City Birds is a game that will keep anyone entertained for hours. City Birds has excellent replay value as every time you play it will be a bit different.”

– Oscar Dominguez

★  5/5 Star Rating  ★

“Highly Addictive and fun Game!”

– The UK Tech Princess

“If you want an experience that is more fun than what you got with Angry Birds, remain on the lookout for this iOS app.”

– Rosenberg

City Birds Press Releases

  1. City Birds Game Offered for Free During Thanksgiving – November 27, 2013
  2. Developer Chunky Apps Launches Gameplay Infographic for City Birds – October 29, 2013
  3. City Birds set to dominate App Store game play this week – October 22, 2013
  4. New Arcade Game - City Birds - Soaring into the App Store Soon – September 17, 2013

City Birds Press Kit

  1. Download City Birds Press Kit (zip, 7.7 MB)